Actors are the face of the campaign
22. June 2018

The bank, Íslandsbanki, is the title sponsor of the Reykjavik Marathon. Every year their biggest campaign is the Íslandsbanki Reykjavik Marathon campaign where they encourage people to register for the race and also donate to the race charity collection at

This year a group of known Icelandic actors will be the face of the campaign. The actors will not get paid for their participation in the campaign but the bank will donate money to the charity organizations they choose to support.

The advertisement for the Íslandsbanki Reykjavik Marathon this year refers to famous shots from films where actors have to run in all kinds of situations. Some people run to get in shape, to feel good, look good or to share on social media. But what makes actors run? They run towards adventure, away from bad stepmoms, out of sheer joy and of course away from explosions. You better run — for a good cause!

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