Entry fee 2018

Online registration for the 2018 Islandsbanki Reykjavik Marathon will open on January 12th.

Entry fees are in Icelandic Krona (ISK) and are as follows:

Early bird 20% discount January 12th-May 15th
Preregistration May 16th-August 16th at 13:00
EXPO-Late entry 20% higher August 16th-17th
Fun Run
2320 ISK
2900 ISK
3500 ISK
Fun Run, children/teenagers born 1999-2018
1520 ISK
1900 ISK
2300 ISK
10 km race
5200 ISK
6500 ISK
7800 ISK
10 km race, children/teenagers born 1999-2006
3760 ISK
4700 ISK
5600 ISK
Half marathon
6320 ISK
7900 ISK
9500 ISK
Half marathon, teenagers born 1999-2003
4720 ISK
5900 ISK
7100 ISK
10320 ISK
12900 ISK
13600 ISK

Note that all prices are in Icelandic Krona (ISK). Reykjavik Marathon registration fees cannot be refunded or deferred to other events or years.

Children's and teenager's fee

Children's and teenagers' fee in the fun run, 10 km race and half marathon is for children and teenagers 19 years old and younger, that is born in the year 1999 or later.

Children's and teenagers' discount

It is possible to get a discount for children/teenagers if one or more adults register for any distance with two or more children/teenagers taking part in the Fun Run or the Kids Run.

  • Adults and one child/teenager pay full price but other children/teenagers get a 700 ISK discount.
  • Children are defined as 19 years of age and younger, that is born in the year 1999 and later.
  • The children's and teenager's discount is given if an adult registers simultaneously himself for any distance available and two or more children for The Fun Run or The Kid's Marathon.


Online registration requires credit card payment. Registration will only go through if the registration fee is paid. See further information about the registration process here.

Included in the registration fee

The following is included in the registration fee:


Like last year, runners will have the option to pick a free T-shirt at the Expo, while supplies last. This is in response to repeated inquiries from participants who wish to be able to choose a T-shirt when they have arrived in Iceland and avoid the guesswork involved in selecting a size online. 


When you register for a run held by Reykjavik Marathon you have to read and confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions of the run. Click here to read terms and conditions.

Reykjavik Marathon registration fees cannot be refunded or deferred to next year.

Send us an e-mail to skraning@marathon.is if you need help with the registration for the Reykjavik Marathon.


The Islandsbanki Reykjavik Marathon is organized by Reykjavik Sports Union, union of sports clubs in Reykjavik. Other events organized by the Reykjavik Sports Union are: Laugavegur Ultra Marathon in July, Suzuki Midnight Sun Run and Tour of Reykjavik in June, Reykjavik International Games in January and the Northern Lights Run in February.