Team competition

Colleagues, organizations, families, friends or any group that is taking part in one of the timed distances in the Reykjavik Marathon can take part in the team competition. The only requirement is that all members of the team are running the same distance.

It is possible to make three kinds of teams:

  • Female team - 4 female runners in a team
  • Male team - 4 male runners in a team
  • Mixed team - 2 female and 2 male runners in a team

The first team to finish each timed distance will receive a prize.

Team competition rules

  • Every member of the team must run the same distance.
  • Participants must first register for the race and pay the entry fee before they can register for the team competition.
  • Team registration is free of charge.
  • One member of each team should register his/her team and is responsible for letting other members know about the registration.
  • The registration for the team competition should be done on "Your page", the runner's page, while online registration is still open.
  • When on-line registration ends it is not possible to change a team or make a new team.
  • Complains regarding the team competition results must be sent via e-mail to no later than at 16:00 on the day after the race.