Finish and start area


The race will start from Sóleyjargata but end in the same place as always, Lækjargata. Participants are asked to walk down Skothúsvegur before their start groups is set to go. Good parking areas are nearby, fx. by The University of Iceland, The National Library and The Nordic Culture Centre. Below is a map of the area.

Pace Area

It is important that participants estimate their running pace and place themselves in the appropriate pace area at the start. This is done to avoid congestion and collisions during the first kilometres.

The map points out where one should place themselves. The marathon and half marathon start together and blend into pace groups. The pace groups refer to the estimated finish time in a half marathon. In the 10K start, it refers to the estimated finish time for 10K.

Those who are not sure how fast their running pace will be should choose to start in the backmost area. Pacemakers will be marked with balloons and coloured vests with the estimated time.

The race start will be on both sides of the street. However, it is important to stay in the same lane until they merge.

On race day all participants should be able to find their appropriate area according to the plan.


  • Íslandsbanki
  • Corsa
  • Suzuki
  • 66 Norður
  • Kynnisferðir / Reykjavik Excursions
  • Gatorade