These are the provided services on race day to runners in the Islandsbanki Reykjavik Marathon.


    The timing chip is built into the race bib. Mats will be located at the start/finish line where participants will run over. No race bib = no time. Each chip has a number in our database which is linked to an individual runner. Timing starts when a participant runs over the mat and finishes when he runs over it again when finishing the race. Chip time therefore gives an accurate time for the assigned runner regardless of his position at the start.

    Click here for further information about timing.


    All participants will receive a participation medal. First three men, women and non-binary in all distances will get a medal, prize money and gifts from the race sponsors. Age group prizes will also be given. See further information about prizes here.

    The Route

    The route will be marked with yellow stripes on the ground and light neon green spray paint. Distances in kilometers will be marked with signs along the route. Around 300 volunteers are guiding the runners and keeping them safe when crossing the streets. Unfortunately, the route is not completely closed for car traffic so runners are kindly asked to be careful.

    First aid

    Race marshals will provide assistance along the course and call for further help if needed. First aid will be available by Tryggvagata and at the finish area.


    We have pacers for 10K, half marathon and marathon to help runners achieve their desired time. The pacers are marked in colored vests and balloons.

    Refreshment stations

    Refreshment stations are situated approximately every 4-5 km. Gatorade and water will be provided (and bananas and oranges to the marathon runners on every other station in the second half of the route). The exact location of the refreshment stations are 5K, 10K, 15K, 20K, 25K, 30K, 35K, 39K and at the finish line. You can also find the stations on the route map.

    Runners in the full marathon can leave a refreshment at the EXPO on Friday, the day before the race. It will be brought to the 20K, 30K and/or the 35K refreshment station. Be sure to mark your refreshments with your bib number. 

    Geothermal Pools in Reykjavik

    All runners who take part in Reykjavik Marathon are invited to take a dip in any of Reykjavik's geothermal baths and pools, either on race day or the day after. It is for free for runners that show their running bib at the swimming pool.  Click here for further information about the geothermal baths and pools in Reykjavik.

    Storage for clothing and belongings

    The bag drop and information centre, located in Hljómskálagarðurinn close to the starting area, is open from 7:30-15:00. Participants can leave their personal belongings in the storage. The belongings will be guarded but responsibility is not guaranteed for any valuables or money left in the storage area.

    Portable Toilets

    Portable toilets will be situated outside by the finish area, nearby the start on Sóleyjargata and close to 5K, 10K, 15K, 20K, 25K, 30K, 35K and 39K on the route. Click here to see the location on a map.

    Lost items

    Lost items will be brought to the information centre by Hljómskálagarður or by MR on race day. After the race, any lost items will be brought to the Reykjavik Sport Association Office at Engjavegur 6, 104 Reykjavik. Tel: +354-5353700.


    Photographers from Marathon Foto will be there to capture the moment during the race. Runners can purchase their photos on my page before and after the race. All participants will receive an email with further information closer to the race.


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